1) Protocol definition Given protocol in DataModel.h, we have:

2) Define the protocol delegate in delegator (source) class Our DataModel class is the delegator. It is the “source” of all of our delegations.

the delegate means it “delegates” the messages sent by DataModel (source) to whatever “view” class/controllers (destination) that the delegates point […]

create and attach PCH file for xCode 6

reference: link Make new file: ⌘cmd+N iOS/Mac > Other > PCH File > YourProject-Prefix.pch. Project > Build Settings > Search: “Prefix Header”. Under “Apple LLVM 6.0” you will get the Prefix Header key. Make sure you create the .pch file in your YonoApp folder. If you decide to create it under your project, then you’ll […]

Holistic Element

Holistic Element for the iPad is a lifestyle app that connect its users to the power and joy of healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. The app strives to help users get started in basic traditional cooking, easy interval exercises that they will love to do daily, and articles that educate them in health. Basically […]

Face Recognizer using openCV on the iPad

Note: This project was built using openCV 2.4.8 xCode 5.0.2 for iOS 7 iPad air set up instructions here download the full source here (26.9MB) I created 2 sections. The recognition screen and the registration screen. We first start off on the main page. In the MainMenuViewController, I have 2 variables: CameraWrapper * cameraWrapper; DataModel […]