“article” is related to “section”, but is distinctly different. Whereas

is for grouping distinct sections of content or functionality,

is for containing related individual standalone pieces of content, such as individual blog posts, videos, images or news items. Think of it this way – if you have a number of items of content, each of which would be suitable for reading on their own, and would make sense to syndicate as separate items in an RSS feed, then “article” is suitable for marking them up.

In our example,

contains blog entries. Each blog entry would be suitable for syndicating as an item in an RSS feed, and would make sense when read on its own, out of context, therefore “article” is perfect for them:

like so:


In short, a header typically contains at least (but not restricted to) one heading tag (h1 – h6).

Figure and figcaption


An easy smell test is would this make sense in an RSS feed? Of course weblog articles and static pages would make sense in a feed reader,

  • Break mechanical cab driver.
  • Drive to abandoned factory
  • Watch video of self

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