Sending file from html to node server (multer)

node server download

ref –

client side

Server side – index.js

Make sure you create the folder Images at the the directory your index.js is at.

However, our solution always jumps to another page.
In order to do it without any jump, we do it without a form

non-form way

First, we create a file uploader, and button control

For the button, whenever we press it, we will run function uploadImage
In this function, we first get the file object via the files property. The files property is an array, and we simply get the first element.

Once we have this file, we create a FormData object, append our file to it. Make sure to call it “imgUploader” as that’s what our multer code from the server side is expecting.

Assign the form data object to body and that’s it.