Programmatically add a Navigation Controller to your project

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OBJECTIVE C The whole idea is that your window strongs UINavigationController, and UINavigationController strongs your main ViewController. The UINavigationController is set up in your AppDelegate. Then your UINavigationController is init-ed with your main view controller. Then, in your main view controller, […]

@public, @private, @protected (objc)

ref – The @public, @protected, @private are called accessor modifiers. They provide access visibility to the instance variable. So we declare 3 iVar using @public, @protected, @private.

We then declare a child class, and declare MyFirstClass as a parent class. The basics are laid out here. @public iVars CAN be accessed by the […]

NSURLSession – Out of process upload/download

ref – demo project Background Uploads and Downloads Adding support for background uploads and downloads is surprisingly easy with NSURLSession. Apple refers to them as out-of-process uploads and downloads as the tasks are managed by a background daemon, not your application. Even if your application crashes during an upload or download task, the task […]

NSURLSession basics

ref ––mobile-21394–mobile-21581 1) Simple GET of data

2) Downloading a file using NSURLSessionDownloadDelegate protocol So we want to download a file. However, we want to see what percentage we are at, as well as when the file has finished downloading. A session configuration object is nothing more than a dictionary of properties […]

concurrency, asynchronous, parrallelism

ref – Concurrent and parallel are effectively the same principle as you correctly surmise, both are related to tasks being executes simultaneously although I would say that parallel tasks should be truly multitasking, executed at the same time whereas concurrent could mean that the tasks are sharing the execution thread while still appearing to […]

Concurrency vs Asynchronous Concurrency There are various different ways of accomplishing concurrency. One of them is parallelism–having multiple CPUs working on the different tasks at the same time. For example, its like having more than 1 chef working on 5 recipes AT THE SAME TIME. But parallelism is not the only way to achieve concurrency. Another is […]