Adding and Removing Observer in UIView

ref – In your UIView custom class:

Why use hex to represent memory address locations in Programming The hexadecimal system is commonly used by programmers to describe locations in memory because: 1) it can represent every byte (i.e., eight bits) as two consecutive hexadecimal digits instead of the eight digits that would be required by binary (i.e., base 2) numbers BINARY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ = […]

Analysis of array allocation and address

table: 0x100700000 *table 0x0 (table+1): 0x100700008 *table: 0x0

custom navigation button

A row of buttons with spacers in between

Requesting what you need, and getting what you want

How to achieve loose coupling original article on why loose coupling is needed how to achieve loose coupling in iOS–cms-23901 If you do not do this…this will happen How we achieve loose coupling in Events App using protocols In detail: UIViewController to Module Make sure you conform to RecentActivityViewInterface so that you […]