Async Fetch Request – part 1

xCode 7.3 demo, AsyncFetchRequestEx1

Setting up the Stack

We create the core data stack called BNRCoreDataCoordinator.

Then we set up the PSC and MOC…

1) Set up lazy loading accessor for NSPersistentStoreCoordinator
2) Set up lazy loading accessor for NSManagedObjectContext

Notice that the MOC is connected to the PSC:

MOC Saving

Inserting Data

We throw a task block on our MOC’s private background queue. That task to simply initialize an Entity object
n number of times. Core Data returns ready objects for us to initialize. Once all the Entity objects are set up,
we tell the MOC to save context.

The caller of this method will get a completion block to signify that our Entity insertions have been done.
We throw this completion block onto the main queue visual reply.

How To Use

In your ViewController, import the core data coordinator, and implement a lazy loading accessor.

Let’s insert the data when it first appears. As you can see, when the insertion have completed,
we can do something on the UI, or just log a completion message.