Access Token, Refresh Token Since access tokens are so powerful yet also so potentially insecure, their risk is mitigated by giving them short-lived expiration windows. Hence an access token returned by Azure iOS client framework will last for 1 hour. Within that hour, you can access data from your Easy Table. After an hour, you will get […]

Refresh Token for Azure Active Directory

30 Days of Zumo.v2 (Azure Mobile Apps): Day 7 – Refresh Tokens Getting the key from your Azure AD Portal Go to your Azure Active Directory Portal via Sign in, and click on Active Directory, then you should be able to see your app. Click on Applications, then your app name In the next screen, […]

Install Azure iOS SDK (framework)

azuresdk-ios-v3-2-0 First, unzip the framework. Drag the framework into your project. Then, you may get a undefined symbols for architecture arm64 MSLoginView Solution: Go to your Project, click on General, scroll down to Linked Frameworks and Libraries, and add WebKit.framework as Optional.