Adding a style sheet to your page

Click on the PageSettings icon of your Page. Then, Add > New Item In the search box, look for Page-Stylesheet-file. Create your own custom CSS file called mystyle.css.

Put it in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\hkex\Website\styles You can verify this location in your Sitecore Rocks explorer by hitting up Website\styles Then, insert this into the location of your […]

Create a Page

Make sure you have sitecore rock installed like so. Also, make sure you have a working Sitecore site installed. Your sitecore site should be accessible somewhere like http://hkex Create a definition item Right click where you want the item to be. Add > New Item In the Add New Item dialog, select one of the […]

Doubly Linked List

xCode demo Tests


.cpp file

Set up Visual Studios 2015 project with installed Sitecore

ref – Assuming you have a Sitecore site already set up with the Sitecore Instance Manager, you want to create a project in Visual studio so that you can start developing custom code for sitecore. Initial Setup First create a new folder on your desktop like so: C:\Users\Ricky_Tsao\Desktop\Projects\TIHIDI Then create folders Dependencies and Source […]

Using sitecore rocks on Visual Studio 2015

ref – Sitecore Rocks is a VS plugin that allows us to easily access our Sitecore content from within VS. It saves time by bypassing the Sitecore development centre. The following steps highlight how to hook up sitecore rocks with our currently static Sitecore web project. After installing Sitecore Rocks, a “Sitecore” menu will […]

Installing and running mongoDB on windows

Step 1 – general install First, download Mongo DB msi file. Double click it and install it onto your machine. Look for the bin folder where all the executables are: 1. From the Desktop, right-click the very bottom left corner of the screen to get the Power User Task Menu. 2. From the Power […]

Using exe to create Sitecore

Locate your exe file and double click it. Click through the wizard and say you want a complete installation. It will then ask you for a license file. Attach the license file. Give a name for your site. In windows 10, make sure you have MS SQL Server installed. Also make sure you have MS […]